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Melaphen —
the plants growth stimulator.
Created by scientists of IOPC A.E. Arbuzov Russian Academy of Science
(Kazan, Russia)
What is Melaphen?
Availability of healthy food manufactured by local farmers and agricultural workers is gaining by importance for the main city of the popullation. In order to increase crop capacity and quality of agricultural products during cultivation of cereal and vegetable crops we created Melaphen ®, the plant growth regulator.
Application of Melaphen agent has proved to lead to an increase in crop capacity by to 40% and an increase of the product quality.
Hazardous factors
During the life cycle plants are affected by different negative factors, this leads to only 50% of the is biological potential.
Infection rate
High temperature
Nutrient deficiency
Acidic soil
Lack of moisture
Soil salinity

Cereal, leguminous, industrial, feeding crops shall be treated in seed disinfectants of different brands.

Treatment solution shall be prepared right before use. Pour the water in 200 l basin of the seed disinfector, pour in 200 ml bottle of Melaphen ® while stirring and then add water to its reservoir capacity.

Water shall not contain impurities, therefore, it is recommended to use piped water.
Treatment during vegetation

Vegetation treatment shall be performed together with pesticides at different stages of growth. Melaphen allows to relief the plant of stress after application of herbicides and fungicides.

Under the agent’s action it is observed:
Substantially increased crop capacity of high number of agricultural crops;
Formation of a powerful root system leaf formation process intensification;
Increased essential amino acid content;
Increased cereal gluten and protein mass percent;
Increased sugar (for sugar beet) and oil (for oil crops) harvesting;
Reduction of the product initial price;
Sunflower crop increases by:
Oil output increases by 20%, better frost and hail resistance is observed. Seed germination increases by 12%.
Corn crop increase for:
Due to Melaphen agent application corn crop increases by 12,6% in ears and by 10,6% in seeds.
Soybean crop increases by:
Soybean crop increases by 19,3%
Wheat crop increases by:
Winter wheat crop increases by 12,8%.
Sugar beet crop increases by:
Sugar beet crop increases by 25%.
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